Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders

Nano One will be holding its Annual and Special Meeting (the “Meeting”) of shareholders on October 14, 2021, at 1:00pm (Pacific Time).

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and government recommendations with respect to the health and safety of shareholders and other stakeholders, we request that shareholders vote in advance of the Meeting and call in if they wish to participate. Shareholders, regardless of geographic location and equity ownership, will have an opportunity to participate at the Meeting and engage with the Nano One management team.

Details about how to participate in the Meeting, and the particulars being voted on at the meeting, are more fully described in the materials being mailed to shareholders which are available here for download.

Meeting Materials

Nano One is using the Notice and Access process for the delivery of meeting materials in its commitment to environmental sustainability and to reduce its printing and mailing costs. Under Notice and Access, instead of receiving printed copies of the meeting materials shareholders receive a Notice and Access Notification containing details of the AGM date and purpose, how to participate in the meeting, and information on how to access the meeting materials electronically.

2021 Meeting Materials


Information Circular

Form of Proxy

Financial Statements Request Form

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